We have published customers feedback and their review in this page. We have hidden their email and contact address due to security reason. If any new client wants reference from our existing buyers we could provide after taking permission from them. 

What our customer say's to us ?

1. Hi Surendra, 

Wow, it sounds like your business is going well and that’s wonderful!

Received the beautiful items and then let me know when the others come back into stock and I’ll reorder:) 


Beverly Dycus


2.  Hi Surendra,

   Just arrived the goods. They all are nice.. Thanks for fast delivery

   Louise Jasper


3. Hello Suren,

Could you send me pictures of what you have in stock! ....I’m going to have a very important sell in México city and want to order with time..

I want to have variety this time





Hi Surendra. 

Customs will not clear the package as the invoice/paperwork is not clear. Can you please send me a photo of the original invoice, and I’ll send it to them, so that they can read it and then forward me the parcel. 


Sarah Barry

5. Hi Surendra,

 I received the sample bracelets today. WOW!!! They are beautiful! They really come alive and sparkle in the sunlight. I think the purple is going to be fine. 


Rick Uptegraph, USA

6. Hi Surendra

Goods arrived , thanks for prompt delivery.

Lisa, USA

7. Hi Surendra

 Goods received. Thanks,

 Marie Tuttin, USA

8. Good Day Sir,

I received my order yesterday, thank you!! Two of the handbags I received have broken zippers. Photos are attached. I will be ordering again so I don't need a replacement. Not sure how you handle defective products. 

Kim Barness

9. Hi Surenrda,

Thank you so much for your emails and photo's. So many beautiful bracelets! 

I'm going to take a good look at them and you will receive my order as soon as possible.

greetz Laura, USA

10.  Hello,

   Received the goods. Thanks.

   Etsuko, Japan

11. Hi Surendra,

   Goods Received . Thanks.

   Lisa Ostroff, USA

12 . 

Thanks Surendra! Bead Jewelries are  wonderful. How many women are making my bracelets and necklaces for me??

Sarah , Australia


Hi Suren

Thanks for reaching out. Nice having news from you. 

We will work on new order and will let you know in the next few days.

Best regards

Marcelo, USA



I just received my package. I love the bracelets. I have breast cancer and the bracelets with the pink ribbon are great. I am so pleased. I will order more. Thank you for all of your help I this. 

Thank you again 


USA, 7 Dec 2018