About Third World Craft Nepal

Third World Craft (Artisan Market Nepal) was established in 1999 by Surendra Shahi and Narendra Shahi who have 3 decades of experience in fair trade and international exports.  Third World Craft Nepal offers marketing opportunities for the needy producers. It operates in slightly different business module than other mainstream marketers. It is currently creating jobs for home based women artisan who can not go out to work due to family responsibilities and other cultural and physical barriers. Our business model is simple, we provide needed raw material and skill training to home based women and artisans and they make into finish products and deliver back to us.They are paid immediately with appropriate fair remuneration and yearly bonus. In each location we have group leader who manage raw materials collection from us, distribution to producers and delivery back to us. So in turn the group leaders get little more wages/commission for doing the managerial work. The skill is regularly transferred to new comer on self taught basis for common skill but when complex design or difficult skill need to learn we do group workshops to transfer the skill with help of resource persons.

Mission  and goal of Third World Craft 

Our long term goal is to make the women producers to independent entrepreneurs by empowering them with necessary skills on production, management and marketing. So today many of our producers who joined us as a new comer now started their own enterprises.  

Our network of producers 

We currently have about 100 women scattered in three city producing glass bead jewelries. Besides our own production center/network we also sell large collection of other crafts produced by about 300 such women artists around Nepal. Some products like nettle, hemp based artifacts are produced in very remote hilly areas of Nepal. So their production some time limited or delivery take longer time.  

Exporting Countries 

We have been exporting to North America, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Japan and Singapore and some to south Asian countries. We have over 2500 satisfied wholesalers and over 3000 individual customers from around the world. Retailers may send any size order and we deliver up to your door within 4 to 7 days. For any order to European Countries there is no duty or import tax. For USA customer order below 800 $ there will not be any importing duties. We are registered company for REX for  European Union as importers gets duty free when buying from us.

We do accept payment via credit card and paypal. For larger order we suggest to pay by bank wire.

We do export in the name of Artisan Market Nepal as official exporting company.

We are member of National Body " Federation of Handicraft Associations " who monitor and works for the betterment of handicraft producers, artisan, traders and firms. 

Our fair trade principle is straight forward, we make the producers master of their own so they take decision on their products, price, wages, remuneration and profit. Unlike, many organizations who employ artisans but want them to be confined for lifetime and remain producers all time. We let the producers choose the way they like to pursue their production or profession so that ,they can shift when they get better opportunities. 

Our products Range 

We produce glass bead rollover bracelets and  jewelry like earrings, necklace, pendants, finger rings, key chain and wide ranges of felt crafts, bags etc. Our collection also includes metal singing bowl, antiques gifts crafts, nettle fiber and its products, hemp bags and many more.  

for inquiries send us email at      thirdworldmarketing@gmail.com